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Why Hire Palm?


Thank you for considering Palm Communities.  As you interview other firms, ask them:

  • Are they multifamily specialists?  We only manage multifamily investments, and have managed over 1000 units.  We don’t transact properties, manage houses, or lease office buildings.  So we know the laws, market rents, how to cut expenses, and how to strategically renovate.
  • Where do they charge fees?  The management fee is a starting point for most operators.  They hook investors with a low fee, then mark up vendor bills and charge nickel & dime fees.  We earn income when you do.  There are no vendor mark-ups or hidden fees.
  • How will they earn their fee?  Good management companies cover their fee by increasing net income & property value.  We focus on the 2 ways to improve a property’s value:  growing net income, and producing detailed reports to give buyers & lenders confidence.  See the Case Studies below for examples.