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Investor Newsletter

Palm produces a complimentary newsletter for investors and multifamily property owners. The newsletter focuses on actionable information. In it, we share our favorite real estate news stories with colleagues.

Third-Party Property Management

Palm Communities manages 1-150 unit multifamily properties in West Florida. Our services include leasing, screening, rent collection, bookkeeping, unit turnover, and 24/7 maintenance response. We focus on details so you can focus on deals. We prefer our work to speak for us, so ask us for a link to our Case Studies. Fees:

• Leasing: based on number of units, ranging from 1 month’s rent to leasing agent salary pass-through
• Management: tiered by number of units, between 10%-5% of gross collections
• Maintenance: pass-through cost for maintenance work, no mark ups
• Setup: free

Asset Management

Palm provides asset management of multifamily and retail investment properties. Our services include managing acquisitions & dispositions, placing debt and insurance, due diligence, and overseeing property managers and contractors. Out-of-area investment firms benefit most from our local knowledge of the Tampa Bay market. Investors are encouraged to contact us to develop a custom plan for their portfolio. Our fees:

• Acquisitions and Dispositions: scaled by tasks undertaken, up to 1% of purchase price
• Ongoing Asset Management: scaled by tasks undertaken, up to 1% of purchase price annually

Investment Partnerships

Palm Capital Partners LLC partners with high-net-worth investors and family offices to acquire & improve investment properties. Please contact us to receive a full investment prospectus. Our investor criteria:

• Accredited investor, as defined by SEC Regulation D
• $250k minimum equity contribution per deal
• Passive, with no operating decisions and limited buy/sell decisions

Current Palm Investors & Property Owners

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