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Why Refer Palm?


Does your client need an effective property manager? Palm Communities specializes in managing multifamily housing. We aren’t investment sales brokers, and we don’t manage houses or office buildings. The brochure above has information about our firm, but the Case Studies below allow our work to speak for itself.

Why Brokers Refer Palm:

  • You earn our first month’s management fee as a thank-you. On a 60-unit property, that’s $3000+ to you.
  • We don’t transact properties, so we refer owners back to you when they’re ready to sell.
  • We help you bridge the gap between your seller’s price expectations & the market. We can oversee renovations and NOI growth to boost property value. This increases your probability of sale.

Why Lenders Refer Palm:

  • We produce fast, detailed reporting so you can closely monitor a property’s performance.
  • As we increase net cash flow, your client can cover debt service and meet performance metrics set by underwriters.
  • For distressed properties, we stabilize operations and assist with recapitalization.
  • To help you in originating loans, we work with appraisers, insurance carriers, and regulatory bodies.