June 2021 Investor News

Residential SurgeGulf Coast housing markets remain hot, but a lack of inventory threatens future gains.  Read More... As Inflation Looms, RE Heads Into Long-Forgotten Territory2007 was the last time US inflation topped 4%, the kind of level that starts to concern central banks.Read More... Commercial RE Loans in the Post-Pandemic WorldAttorney Rob Stern discusses the state of commercial [...]

April 2021 Investor News

Tampa Bay Rents Rise, While in Some Cities They're FallingThe median rent in Tampa Bay was $1,375 per month in January 2021, a 6.9 percent increase compared to the same month last year.  Read More... Renters' Priorities Shift The 2021 RENTCafé survey found that the most important amenities for renters looking for new apartments are open-air spaces, such as [...]

January 2021 Investor News

Middle-Market Multifamily Floating Above Economic TroublesBrokers working in the middle-market multifamily sector say investments there garner significant premiums.  Read More... South Florida, Tampa Attract Northern Transplants Amid COVID-19The state’s population has grown by about 343,000 in the last year, to about 22 million residents.Read More... Building Homes Through a Pandemic & Lumber ShortageAn interview with the Tampa Bay [...]

August 2020 Investor News

With the Economy Sputtering, Why is Real Estate Soaring?"The coronavirus hasn’t dragged home prices down; in fact, we’ve seen just the opposite — prices are rising in spite of the pandemic.”  Read More... How to Bolster NOI During COVID-19One of the biggest challenges is a prospect providing fraudulent identification and pay stubs, moving in, and then [...]

June 2020 Investor News

With Eviction Freeze, Landlords Wonder How They'll Recover Rent The move was to prevent out-of-work renters from becoming homeless, though Governor DeSantis has stressed that it does not cancel rent obligations for tenants.  Read More... Americans Skip Payments as Wave of Defaults and Evictions Looms Help from Congress and leniency from lenders have kept impending financial disaster [...]

March 2020 Investor News

What PMs Need to Know Amid Coronavirus CrisisFirst and foremost, it is critical to stay in communication with your employees, partners, vendors, and tenants..  Read More... Coronavirus Hitting Florida Development Like Economic HurricaneSupply shortages. Nervous buyers. Delayed deals. But maybe a moment for speculators.Read More... Job, Population Growth Make Tampa Apartment Market Fundamentally SoundRents have risen an average [...]

January 2020 Investor News

10 Best Places to Buy Rental Property in 2020The best places have affordable housing, wage growth, and low unemployment rates, among other factors.  Read More... Tampa Bay's Foreclosure Rate Dips Below 1%The rate is the lowest for any month since at least January 1999.  Read More... Apartment, Office Deals in Near EquilibriumCombined, the multifamily deals generated $475.4 [...]

November 2019 Investor News

Flow of Capital Into Multifamily Expected to IncreaseExperts see institutional investors allocating more money toward multifamily, and banks & agencies aggressively competing to provide multifamily loans.Read More... Tampa Ranks 6th Highest at Risk of a Housing DownturnIn the next recession, real estate firm RedFin preducts that Tampa has a higher than average risk of a housing downturn.  Read [...]

September 2019 Investor News

Tampa Among Nation's Most Active Apartment MarketsWith a projected 4,912 new units set to be delivered by Dec. 31, the three-city MSA ranks 18th in the U.S.  Read More... International Investors Pull Back from US CREInternational investors became net sellers of commercial real estate this year for the first time since 2012.Read More... Tampa Bay Apartment [...]

July 2019 Investor News

The Most and Least Expensive Tampa Bay Neighborhoods for Renters Harbour Island leads the area's monthly rents, while North Tampa and the USF area offer the least expensive apartments.  Read More... Tampa Bay has 'Room to Run' for Real Estate Investors The area has been named one of the nation's top 10 markets for real [...]

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